Day 10

Well, seems like i am back on being behind on my blogs lol. This is going to be a large post because the day was very full on. Day 10, which is the last day of me being in Jeju! Jeju is such a beautiful place, I highly recommend people to visit!! Like i very [...]


Day 6

Day 6 was another short day, in terms of day activites - We once again woke up late. We're waking up really late mainly because we literally spend the whole day walking, and our bodies are not adjusted to such vigorous exercises. SO DON'T JUDGE. We made a rough plan of our day so we [...]

Packing Tips 1001

So here's another post where I act like I know things and advise them to the internet. But really, this is just a post to [hopefully] kick start my travel blogging goal. I am currently at Changi Airport sitting in a shitty transit lounge that I regrettably paid for, so that sucksssss. BUTT I am [...]