Day 10

Well, seems like i am back on being behind on my blogs lol.

  • This is going to be a large post because the day was very full on.

Day 10, which is the last day of me being in Jeju! Jeju is such a beautiful place, I highly recommend people to visit!!

Like i very briefly mentioned (i think) in the previous day blog post, jeju city is pretty hard to get around as it only utilises busses. Everything is on the coast as well, so catching a bus to all these different attractions would be troublesome and difficult to keep track. Therefore, we decided to book a last minute tour that took us a few things.

How did we book it? We just asked our receptionist at the hotel and they managed to hook us up with a UNESCO tour by hanatour – it costed 75,000 won, which is kind of expensive, but it included lunch and pick up/drop off, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Our UNESCO tour included the following attractions:
Gimnyeong Beach – Manjanggul Lava Tube – Lunch – Haenyeo Performance – Seongsan Sunrise Peak – Saryeoni Forest Path – Daheeyeon (Green Tea Foot Spa Experience)

We ran into a few troubles with the tour however – because our hotel was not eligible for a pick up point, we had to walk to the nearest one, which one the Jeju City Hall bus depot. This depot was a 10 minute walk away so it wasn’t too bad. Our pick up time was at 8:50, but we arrived at 8:30 just in case, and because we’re diligent tourists 🙂

Buttttt, unfortunately the tour bus never came. It was already 9:15 and the tour was supposedly going to start within 30 minutes.

A Dunkin Donuts was next to our depot, so we decided to ask them for help – wishing that an American chain would have a worker that could speak english. We walked into Dunkin Donuts and the girl greeted us in korean, and I straight up asked her for help in english, AND THANK THE LORD SHE KNEW ENGLISH!

“Hey, can you help me call this number? We booked a tour and they’re not here” *Points at our pick up location*

– We got a pamphlet with our pick up details on it so it was easy to tell from just pointing

Girl: “Umm.. Okay”

Then she literally does all the work for us – calls the tourist centre, they have some convo in korean that lasted for 5 minutes, then writes down on a piece of paper some notes and then hands it to me.

Turns out the tour were already onto their first destination and that they MISSED OUR FKING STOP! The dunkin donuts girl gave us the note and told us to catch a cab to Gimnyeong beach and call a number… The number was the tour guides number, but since we didn’t have an actual sim we couldn’t call. So we yolo and went to the beach anyway, since we paid for the fuking tour already.

Lucky for us though, as soon as we left dunkin donuts, a cab pulled up right outfront and we hopped on. We showed him the note and he knew where the beach was, and he was a super speedy driver. A lot of the taxi drivers in korea drive like crazy – they take turns feeling like the car is about to flip. It actually took us only 15 minutes to get to the beach, and cost only 11,000 for taxi which i thought was SUPER cheap. There was a little super market at the beach, so we thought we’d ask the workers if we can borrow the phone and call our tour guide, but the shop was super busy because there was only 1 old man working behind the counter.

We decided to just ask locals that were hanging around the beach if we can borrow their phone. We first approached a guy that looked very gentle and kind – in kind of a evil hope that we’ll intimidate him into letting us borrow his phone, except he full straight up said no and we were so embarrassed. At this time, we were kinda freaking out – we paid for a taxi out to this beach and now can’t contact our tour guide… But luckily though, we asked a teenage girl that was with her friends if we can borrow her phone and she let us without hesitation. You da real MVP korean girl.

Turns out, by this time our tour bus JUST pulled into the beach – so we somehow manage to get here before our actual tour????? Wtf.. So we didn’t need to use the girls phone to call the our tour.

We asked the guide what happened and why he missed our stop. At this point, we were pretty angry because we started the morning with such stress; not to mention the guide didn’t even appear apologetic and kept saying he was at the stop BUT. HE. WAS. NOT.

Anyways, to not ruin the mood we just accepted whatever happened, and continued on with the day. Turns out though – the tour guide was VERY nice, and I feel bad for being mad at him 😦

So no, the actual tour starts – sorry for the long as intro.

GIMNYEONG BEACH – There are heaps of beaches in Jeju, and the water is so niceeeeee and clear. In the previous post we went to Hyeopjae Beach, and now Gimnyeong beach. Out of the two, hyeopjae beach was a lot nicer.. in my opinions anyway


We only spent 10 minutes at this beach, then we moved onto the next attraction in the tour.


Our tour group was small – only 8 people, so we all got a long very fast and easy. This cave was pretty interesting – i don’t want to explain the meaning and history behind it because i’ll probably get a lot of the shit wrong. So here are just some pics. You’re only allowed to walk 1km of it, even though it’s like 7km long.



LUNCH! Hmm, this lunch was good! JEJU PORK IS AMAZING! Obviously I won’t know where it is though, because our tour guide organised it.



omg beautiful place. Love it. A very small hike up, but the view on the way is amazing! Honestly, it’s more amazing that the actual peak itself, which is meant to be a crater, but the blue ocean and greenery is so much nicer! It was also the perfect day as well! Everything about this place is perfect!


This wasn’t very interesting, mainly because it was misinterpreted. I thought it’ll be a grand performance, or at least a performance of some scale, but it was just a bunch of old ladys swinging some scuba diving gear around before heading into the water. This was at the Sunrise peak, so we didn’t have to actually leave or anything.


At this point, our tour schedule had to be adjusted a bit because our Green Tea Foot Spa place was closed or something, not sure – so we want to another place where WE HAD TO WASH OUR OWN FEET… so not very glam.. lol

Then our last destination – SARYEONI FOREST PATH

This was a such a beautiful place as well, i wish we had more time here, but we were only allocated 30 minutes, which is NOTHING!


Now the tour was over, and it was 5:30pm. The next thing we did was to drop everyone else back to their hotels. Everyone’s hotel was eligible for hotel drop offs, except for ours and a Singaporean girl, but our tour guide was so nice, he decided to personally drive us to our hotels instead!!

We got off the tour bus, and we walked to his car. He had a pretty nice car – the seats even had a fking heater!! AND MAN, CAR SEAT HEATERS ARE SO NICE.. your ass feels so nice and warm its amazing.

We dropped off the singaporean girl first, because she was the closest. But by now, it was 6:30 and we thought i’ll be hard for us to find dinner when we get back to our hotel, so we asked our guide to recommend us a dinner place and drop us off there as well. He recommended his favourite pork BBQ that was nearby, and HE EVEN ORDERED OUR FOOD FOR US, and even wrote down our hotel address and told the lady that when we finish our dinner CALL US A TAXI!

so so so nice.  I felt so bad that we hated on our tour guide in the morning. Lmao, I take it all back.


We decided to walk home instead because the food was way too heavy. We could not justify just cabbing home and sleep.

Then that’s Day 10 done.

Cheers, Kev.


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