Day 8

So day 8 was an exciting day! We are leaving seoul to Jeju and Busan!

We woke up early to pack and do some laundry before we had to check out, which was at 10:30am. Turns out we were a little bit unorganised, and the shitty hostel only had one washing machine, which took 40 minutes to fking wash and 40 minutes to fking dry. But luckily, the reception downstairs said it’s fine that we were past our check out time and wouldn’t charge us more!

Also, I forgot to mention I actually lost the key to our room the night we went clubbing (Day 6), and was scared they were gonna charge us a ridiculous amount of money for it, but not really – in fact they said they’ll keep the 10,000k won bond that I paid when I checked-in… but I don’t remember paying that LOL.

But anyways, while waiting for the laundry to be done, we decided to get some food and walk around Sinchon to just by some time. Sinchon was so nice today, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and the petals were falling down with the wind – exactly like a K-drama and I was waiting for a korean girl to trip so I can catch her in slow-motion.


Since Sinchon and Hongdae are really close, we decided to just go to Hongdae for lunch. We ate some naemyeon (Cold noodles), we’ve seen people eat it in TV shows & movies, and they made it so appetising… but we really didn’t like it. We didn’t even end up finishing it.. We quickly paid and left because we didn’t want them to judge us with how much noodles we had left in the bowl.


By this time, our laundry was done, so we  shoved everything into our suitcase and stored it at the hostel – another point for the place for letting us keep out luggage their for a week!

Our flight to Jeju was at 7pm, and it was only roughly 1pm. We decided to go to the Namdaemun market to check it out. This market is weird – they open at 11pm and close at 5pm. So in other words – you have to go their either really late, or really early in the morning.

This market was clearly targeted for older audiences, as many of the clothes were for old ladies and men. There were some shops that sold like ‘Supreme’ clothing and fake branded stuff – but no one buys that shit.

Although, the market was pretty big. We walked leisurely around the entire market, and it somehow became 4pm. We caught the subway back to our hostel to pick up our final stuff before heading to the airport.

We caught the subway to Gimpo airport and arrived at around 6pm. From the station entrance of Gimpo to the check-in desk for our airline, it was super far. It almost seemed never ending, and there was lack of directions, so we often ended up turning the wrong way or the wrong floor. In the end we got there and checked in easily. We flew with Jeju Air, which actually provided free 15kg luggage, and 10kg carry-on. Apparently this is a norm with domestic flights! So handy. But then, you can’t add extra luggage as well apparently.

We had a good 30 minutes to spare before boarding, so we decided to grab some food from the convenience store since we didn’t have dinner. We got some onigiri which had some unique korean flavours, such as: Korean Kimchi Bulgolgi, Spam and Kimchi, etc.

Our flight to Jeju only took us an hour, and i slept through most of it, so it almost felt like nothing – which i love. I hate flying so much. However, Jeju was FREEZING. It was also raining, so it made the excitement turn into misery. To add to that, the taxi line was MASSIVE; but it moved really quickly. We waited for about 20 minutes, and the taxi ride only took about 10 minutes. It was also insanely cheap – 6,000 won. THAT’S $7 AUD. Insane.

We checked into our hotel and ended up getting more convenient store food – we were too tired to find a restaurant. Not to mention it was raining and super cold.

We ended the night trying to plan our two days in Jeju, because we didn’t realise that all the attractions in Jeju were on the coasts, and to get to one coast takes a bloody long time and only by bus.

In the end, we decided to book a tour for our 2nd (last) day in jeju, mainly because it would have a bus included so we wouldn’t have to keep bus hopping and google-mapping. So useful tip – book a tour when going to Jeju, or plan our day our solidly before coming here!


Cheers, Kev.


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