Day 7

Well it seems i’ll forever be behind on my blogs. It’s actually a lot more demanding to write blogs daily, especially when you get back to your hotel at 11pm, and then you gotta shower and prepare/plan your next day.

Nevertheless, here is day 7 blog!

Since we went out the night before until 5am, we naturally woke up super late – but not that late. Can’t really remember the time. Feeling super groggy and gross, we thought what would be the best meal to soothe our soul? What better food to do that than CONGEE! We googled some popular congee restaurants close by and found one in Myeongdong


I got the Broccoli and Prawn Congee while Joanne got the Chicken and Ginseng congee! Both were super good, but I reckon the chicken one tastes better. And sorry folks, in the old kevin phan phasion – I didn’t get the name of the place hahahah. But here’s the name from the menu!



Following this, we decided to explore Myeongdong again, but this time to look for glasses and contacts, because I had dropped my glasses the night before and scratched it, and im running out of contacts because i’m an unorganised fuker.

Myeongdong is filled with optical stores, and not only that, the glasses are SO much cheaper compared to Australia. It’s insane. One downside though, all their styles are super Korean, and it’s hard to find some that aren’t too asian. But on the upside though, they’re all asian fit glasses, so they sit on my big asian face so comfortably.

Their contact lense range was pretty large – just like your average optical store I guess. They had a lot of imported ones, as well as some Korean ones. The imported ones were pretty much the same price as in Australia, so roughly $40~$50 for a pack of 30. I decided to just go for the one i usually use, which is coopervision.

For glasses however, a lot of them didn’t suit me because my face was so wide, but then i think that’s the look Korea likes, because a lot of these glasses were tiny af. I ended up picking some Paul Hueman glasses, which are apparently super expensive in Australia (like $300+). But I was able to get mine for roughly $200, and that’s with the frame+lenses too. Mind you, this was a discounted price because they had some special deal going on where its 30,000k won off any of their lenses + 30% off their glasses storewide.


Turns out my eyesight worsened AGAIN. I’m now at -3.75 in my left eye, and -3.50 in my right eye. I seriously want to consider doing lasik, but then other people have it worse than me at -7.00, so I don’t want to complaint too much.

The glasses only took 30 minutes to be made!! YES 30 MINUTES. In Australia it takes fking years, so its sooooo0o0o0 convenient. Love Asia.

So we decided to shop around Myeongdong again and eat some street food while we wait. We ended up having dinner at this sub-par touristy place (which is most myeongdong restaurants)


The food was average, and it was actually quite pricey. We then went to pick up the glasses, and did some final myeongdon browsing. We ended up spending the entire day at Myeongdong and went home early because we had to go back and pack, as we were checking out of our horrible hostel tomorrow. AND THEN OFF TO JEJU!


Cheers, Kev.









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