Blog 9

I’m in Jeju!! Luckily it stopped raining today, it was still a little wet outside, so it seemed like it only just stopped raining. We left our hotel at around 9am to catch a bus to Hallim Park!

From our hotel (Elluie Hotel) to Hallim Park, we had to walk to the Jeju City bus depot and catch bus 702 which took us straight to Hallim Park. Hallim Park is a huge Flora and Fauna park in Jeju, which is right across from hyeopjae beach! With no time for breakfast, we bought a shit load of bread for the bus ride!


It took us a little over an hour to get there, so it wasn’t that long. There was an entry fee of 11,000 for adults, which is really cheap for what you get. The park is MASSIVE. It had 9 difference areas, including two caves. There is a lot of things to see here, especially if you’re into all this scenic shit. I don’t know how else to explain this place, besides that it’s so pretty. Here are some pics!


We left the Park at exactly 3pm and we got there at 11:30am. We didn’t actually get to visit all the displays, so this is definitely an all day park! Our next stop was O’sulloc Green Tea Museum, which was apparently 1 hour and 50 minutes away by bus; which is why we left the Park so early (The museum closes at 6pm). Turns out, the bus didn’t arrive until 3:40pm so we had a whole 40 minutes to spare! Looking around, we saw that the hyeopjae beach was literally behind the bus stop, so we headed down there to check it out.

Omg, it was so nice. The water was so blue, the rocks were so black, and there was some bright green algae which made the beach so much prettier!! It was super cold and windy though, and we weren’t wearing many layers. No wonder jeju is considered one of the 7 world wonders! A MUST place to visit!


The bus ended up coming late and we were hesitant on going, because the bus arrived at 4:15, and if google maps was correct, we would arrive at 5:30. Since the museum closed at 6, we wouldn’t have time to explore. But yolo, mama didn’t raise no quitter, we caught the bus anyway, and surprisingly we got there within 20 minutes. LOL, fuck you google maps (google maps doesn’t work well in S.Korea btw). We ended up having ample time at the Museum – although it was more of a Green tea shop/Cafe, rather than a museum. You can walk around the fields though if you want and see more cherry blossoms + green tea – but we did enough walking for today.

Now getting back to the city was a bit of a struggle – we had previously asked our hotel reception for bus details back to jeju city, and he said bus 657. However, on the bus time table it didn’t say it would reach the city, so we ended up riding it for a little over and hour, and getting off at one of the stops in a busy street of Jeju.

Now we were a bit lost and hungry; we brought back our trusty friend – google! for some insights. Not far from where we were, there was a nice restaurant that seemed really popular. It was driving distance away, so we hailed a cab. He couldn’t speak english and had trouble reading the small text of address on the screen – but lucky yo boii kevdawg can read korean and read out the name and address of the place and he knew where to go.

Once again, the taxi was super cheap. 7,000 won. Jeeeesus.

자매국수 Sisters Noodles – that’s the restaurant name. Ya booi kevdawg got your back today, won’t guarantee i’ll be this organised the next blog. This place was bustling – there was a line to go inside. Interesting though, you had to order before you line up, and they tell you your number. Oddly though, they spoke to me in english and told us our number in english, but said “korean 49, okay!”. Whichhhhh, i think meant they will call our number out in Korean – but lucky ya boii kevdawg once again, know his numbers in korean so that ain’t no prob.


The food here was pretty good – I can tell why they’re so popular. The PORK WAS. SAH. GOOD. I wanted more! The soup base of my noodles was a little bland for my taste, but dam son – that pork on point.


And that’s a wrap for day 9! We are heading off on our tour tomorrow so that’s exciting! everything is going to be planned for us, so just going to enjoy our trip!!


Cheers, Kev.


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