Day 6

Day 6 was another short day, in terms of day activites – We once again woke up late. We’re waking up really late mainly because we literally spend the whole day walking, and our bodies are not adjusted to such vigorous exercises. SO DON’T JUDGE.

We made a rough plan of our day so we could get home early and rest up for the night as we were going to go out. We decided to got to Sinchon for lunch and just find something to eat, then head to Itaewon, but we found a little shop that sold bibimbap outside our hostel so we just ate there.


Itaewon was packed with foreigners. There were also many western restaurants too, selling pizza etc etc. Tbh there wasn’t anything overly exciting to see in Itaewon. Apparently the nightlife is good there, but we haven’t gone yet so we will see!


We decided to stop by the Leeum Samsung Museum Of Arts, as it was close by. I’m not a huge fan of historical museums, although I really do find them interesting and appreciate it. I much prefer art and interactive museums. The Leeum museum was divided into two areas, one was historic and one was art.

The prices for entry is 10,000 won, but if you’re a student you get 50%! This applies to us Australian students! So we only paid 10,000 for two people, which is pretty cheap.

We weren’t allowed to take a photos, but i did manage to get a sneaky photo of this cool room! This photo looks really weird because the room made both our legs really short.


The museum wasn’t the best, but it was nice to see a bit of culture, along side some inspiring art!

After itaewon, we decided to eat to the Gwangjung Market, which apparently is the epitome of market food! The most popular food there were the mungbean pancake, which was sold at almost every store, so we didn’t know which to get it from! But there was one store which was smack bang in the middle of the market, that had a huge line! Obviously you go to where the people are right?!


We got two mung bean pancakes and one pork pancake! I’m not a fan of mung beans to begin with, so i naturally preferred the pork pancake!

They had a variety of foods to choose from, but then majority of the carts sold the same food! So it was just the matter of picking the one which was most busy, looked cleanest, and/or had more appetising presentation/food!


The food here was average. Not the best market food i’ve had (tbh, i think the myeongdong street market is probably better).

Shortly after this we headed back home, rested and went out town!! Highly recommend M2 club! it was so fun! the music was good and it was packed! One thing though, they should really calm down with the confetti – much like the first club, but this one was much worse. My shoes were filled with confetti when I came home.


Cheers, Kev.


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