Day 5

After a few cold days and a miserable rainy day, Day 5 had the perfect weather. And what better way to enjoy this perfect weather than to go to the Han River and enjoy a scenic bike ride?!

It seemed like everyone had the same idea however, as the river was flocked with people, especially people with matching outfits. It was funny because coincidentally me and my travel companion had similar denim jackets and similar sunglasses. You could say we were having a cute ass date.



On our walk to the river, there were many bike rentals available (the one where you just take it from the side of the road) but we did some research and there’s actually bikes you can specifically rent at the Hangang river! So don’t rent those bike people! We saw quite a few people using those bikes.

Anyways, to hire a bike, you have to find a bike hire hut, we saw 3 around while we were riding our bikes, you just gotta find one. The line’s were quite long and REALLY unorganised. Lane 1 is to RETURN bikes, while lane 2 and 3 were to hire a bike. You need to provide some form of I.D when renting a bike, and you get a ticket/receipt, which you keep and return for your I.D at the end of your bike ride.

It’s 5,000 for two hour bike hire. You can hire it for longer, but you gotta pay extra of course. Also, you can also hire tandem bikes – I wanted to hire one but Joanne thought they were lame and didn’t want to. My dream of riding a tandem bike in matching outfits were ruined 😦

Honestly, it was such a perfect weather for riding our bikes, we could not have picked a better time. Perfect amount of sun, and perfect temperature. Not to mention, cherry blossoms were blooming as well which only made this trip much more romantic and beautiful.



After riding our bikes, we had to gain back the calories we burnt right? So being in korea, you have to eat! We walked around a bit but didn’t find much that interested us, so I enlisted a help from a friend who did some korean web search and directed us to a place that did Ramen army stew.


This was so good omg. So so good. Ramen is my fav coupled with army stew. This hit the spot so well and we cleaned that pot so fast!!

Literally 30 minutes later, we had to find our next agenda to spend the rest of the day. After a bit of googling, we decided to go to Dongdaemun Design plaza, and check out the surrounding areas. I have to say, the Dongdaemun Design plaza was very pretty! The architecture is beautiful. We arrived right on time when they markets were opening! They had a lot of unique foods available, but we were too full to eat anything.


We slowly headed off to the Cheonggyecheon Stream, but the main area of the stream was actually super far away – so we just decided to have a quick stroll up and a down. By now we circled the main part of Dongdaemun and we decided to head back to the station, butttt as we were walking back, the line to Shake Shack died down a lot. And when i say a lot, i mean it was almost empty! The line was insanely massive when we walked past earlier!

SO what do i do? I run so excitedly into Shake Shack and order three burgers, one cheese fries, one regular fries, and a lemonade.


Boy oh boy. Shake Shack. Shake fucking Shack. Your burgers are the fucking bomb. I was still full from the army stew before, but I atw two burgers like it was fucking nothing. I am definitely going back to Shake Shack before I leave Korea. Sounds so wrong, but the Shake Shack burger is probably the 2nd best thing i’ve had in Korea so far LOOOL.


And that’s a wrap of day 5!


Cheers, Kev.


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