Day 4

Day 4! So far Seoul has been so fun! A lot of bloody walking though, so definitely bring your good walking shoes.

Day 4 – which was a thursday, was very short.

We woke up quite late once again, and decided to got to Gyeongbokgung Palace last minute. The subway system in South Korea is so efficient, it’s seriously so easy to get to anywhere.

The palace was massive, and there were a lot of korean students there – more than foreigners/tourists. It’s probably important to note that this place is closed on Tuesdays!



There were also some cherry blossoms around the palace, which made the place so much more scenic and romantic looool. But tbh, it wasn’t the nicest palace i’ve been to.



There was a museum connected to the palace too, which showcased a lot of Korea history. Its free admission into it, so it’s worth checking out if you have the time.


Once we were done with the palace, we walked around the area and headed to the Bukchon Hanok Village, which was only about ~10 minutes away. It was actually a really pretty area with the hills and the old-styled houses. You can also rent some hanboks and prance around and take thousands of selfies. But that we didn’t do.


I’m not a very photogenic person, nor do I like posing for photos, so most of the time i just casually stand around and tell my photographer to just take heaps of photos so it looks candid.


So by now it’s roughly 7pm and we needed to find dinner before we headed out to party tonight. We walked around the area to find any food that would satisfy us, but we ultimately decided to just head back to Hongdae and eat dinner there, since there is so many food choices!

So our pick wasssssss this:



Tbh i can’t remember what’s this called hahaha. I’m posting this blog 3 days late so… mianhae.

But i learnt this time and took a photo of the name of the place! Lmao.

That’s pretty much it for day 4! Shortly after dinner I met up with Pamela (from day 1) and went out to Cocoon! The club was nice and the music was also pretty decent. They really like their confetti though, they had them confetti guns go off every like 30 minutes.

Now moving onto day 5!


Cheers, Kev.


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