Day 3

Well this blogging thing seems to be going well – 3 days in and still going strong!

Being from a hot, humid and always sunny city, the cold weather is something that is difficult to adjust to, so this made me super lazy and comfortable in bed. Why does this matter? Well because I woke up at 11am and didn’t leave our room till almost 1.

First stop of course was to have our first meal of the day. We didn’t know what to eat so we decided to just walk around hongdae and find whatever attracted us most. We were craving something soupy and warm since the weather was so wet and cold.

We walked down a street and stumbled across a small restaurant with a lot of locals inside. A great tip when looking for food is to find a place that is buzzing with locals. They obviously know where the good food is at.

Once again though, the menu for this place was a little limited. This seems to be a trend in korea – most restaurants only specialise on a handful of dishes.
Anyways, so apparently this place is known for its raw beef sushi. Sounds really gross and odd right? Don’t worry, I thought it did too. But the menu was a little bit limited and we were already given the table condiments (kimchi etc) and a stove of soup so we couldn’t leave.
We bit the bullet and ordered a plate of teokgalbi beef (hopefully I’m naming it correctly) And the raw beef sushi cuz yolo and it was their main dish so it must be good.

So right after we order the food comes out pretty fast. Which also seems to a trend in korea – the food comes out insanely quick; well quicker than australia.


Hesitant in taking my first bite at raw beef, I dipped it in the red pepper paste/sauce and placed it in my mouth carefully, thinking about all the parasites that I can attract and eventually die… but very fortunately, this raw beef sushi was so good. There was no odor to the meat at all, And tbh it actually tasted slightly sweet.
The teokgalbi beef was also very very good.
To sum it up, this place had really good food. If you’re looking to try raw beef for the first time, come here!
Butttt like usual, I forgot the name of this place – just search up hello kitty cafe in Hongdae because it’s literally opposite that.

So after brunch we decided to go to the Hongdae gentle monster flagship store.
For those who don’t know what gentle monster is, it’s a shop that sells eyewear that has crazy nice concept stores. Each store in each district/suburb is different, so be sure to check out them all out. That’s what I’m planning to do.

The glasses are very cool and hip and very high end. Which also means it’s expensive. But what you go for is the experience of the store!
They have a room which had these dangling glass vases and inside were fragrances that was curated to trigger nostalgia I think? But yeah, beautiful store. I’m excited to visit the others!

So what other things are available in seoul on a rainy day? Shopping and museums. We weren’t in the mood to shop so we decided to do museums. We wanted to go to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary arts but we kinda got lost getting there because we didn’t realise it was in deoksugang palace, and ended up walking around a huge block. There were some nice cherry blossoms though!


Unfortunately the museum was closed due to renovation so we had wasted a solid 2 hours of our day. But luckily the palace was pretty and we were able to walk around for a bit.

By now our energy levels were depleted and the cold and rainy weather got to us and we were extremely tired. We decided to head to Time Square mall and spend the rest of our time in doors. Getting there however was a little longer than we thought. We caught the subway to Mullae Station and GPS our way to Time square. It was getting colder every second and my face was about to dry off. But we eventually made it. The shopping centre was HUGE. Obviously we didn’t explore the whole thing and we even decided to watch a movie!


Beauty and the beast – a classic.
If you’re a Disney fan I highly recommend. Buying our tickets was a little hard because we weren’t sure if the movie was in english or Korean, and the ticket clerk did not know how to speak English. But lucky we managed to find out it was English with korean subs from her colleague. We booked tickets for the CGA (some Korean cinema brand/company) mega screen which was HUGE. Biggest cinema I’ve ever seen.


(best pic i could get cuz it was so dark!)

If you’re planning to come here, pick the really back seats. We picked the middle and we were still too close – that’s how big the screen was.

Fast forward a couple of hours we headed back to hongdae for dinner and we stumbled across yet another local filled restaurant. This time I tried to remember the restaurants name but it was written in cursive writing… I have trouble reading normally written Korean so I didn’t bother. Sorry readers, you’re gonna have to stumble across this place yourself.


This was really good. The pork was amazing and this was exactly what we needed for this cold weather! Safe to say, the day ended well with this meal.
And that’s it for day 3! Stay tuned for day 4 😀

Cheers, Kevin.


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