Day 1 & 2

So it begins! My first official blog for korea. I thought i’d put day 1 and 2 together because I didn’t do much on the first day and thought it’ll be easier and wholesome if I had more content.

Getting straight into it, landing in korea I still wasn’t as excited as I wanted – which is kinda a good thing because I didn’t wanna expect too much. Leaving the plane to customs was actually quite the distance but it was super easy because literally everyone is walking the same direction.

When I reached customs however, the line was massive. And what was worse was that I really needed to fart. Not poo, but fart. So just a quick tip, if you need to pee, fart, or chuck a shit, do it before lining up because you’ll be in line for over an hour.. And by the end my stomach was in pain. However, my friend arrived the next day and said that the line for customs was quick, so I guess it might depend on the day/time.

I didn’t take any videos or photos are the airport, mainly because my stomach was in so much pain i couldn’t focus properly – but that’s besides the point of this blog.
When i arrived at the airport I picked up my unlimited data sim card and left to catch the subway to Hongik Uni. Station.

Sim Card
For those who are wondering how to get a simcard – it’s really easy, I just googled korea data sim card and did some research. You really only need a data sim card, since these days there’s so many apps that allow you to call via WiFi or 4G. You can get sim cards that allow texts/calls but I find them a little pricey and is pretty much useless.

You can order your sim card online, and pick them up at the airport! The cheapest I found was from here: Unlimited Data Sim. It’s 60,000 won, which I guess isn’t super cheap, but compared to other websites, it’s the cheapest I found.

So the airport is really efficient, as it has both KTX and Express Subway services which takes you to the main stations. You can even buy T-money cards at the airports too at the subway ticket vending machines. They’re Kakao talk themed! So it’s pretty cool. I should insert a picture of it, but I never took one and its 2:30am right now and can’t be bothered. But yes, definitely pick up a T-Money card if you’re planning to use the Korean public transport system.

Okay so now that’s done, lets get to more exciting things – like actually seeing korea!

So I arrived at my guesthouse (a shit hole, don’t come here. I’m not going to name this place because I ain’t that type of person), but yes, I arrived at my guesthouse and met with my middle/high school friend Pamela, and she showed me Hongdae! It was good seeing her because it had been a good 4ish years!

reunited 👯‍♂️

A post shared by Pamela Beattie (@pamela.beattie) on Apr 3, 2017 at 1:01am PDT


But before we went to Hongdae, we had lunch in Sinchon, butttt I forgot the name of the place (this is going to happen a lot. I have the WORST memory). It was something along the lines of “Cheese loves jjimdak” or something… but it was amazing!


After that massive meal, we walked to hongdae which was very close. It took us about 20 minutes? Hondgae was nice! The shopping there was really cheap and there was a lot of street performers which made the atmosphere so nice!

We also had gelato at a place called Gelati Gelati – GET THE MILK TEA ONE. So bloody good.



Before heading to dinner we visited the Kakao store, which was huggee. Its so weird seeing everything with kakao mascots on it, and when I say everything, i mean EVERYTHING. Literally anything, from wet wipes to macaroons to skin care.


Then to finish off the night, we had bibimbap! It was such a unique store – 5000 won for potentially unlimited bibimbap. You pay 5000won and you serve your own bibimbap, meaning you get your own rice and choose your toppings/sauce. You can have 2nds, 3rds, 4ths etc. But there’s a catch. If you don’t finish any of your food, you have to pay a penalty! So don’t go straight into it the first bowl, start off with a little because you can always go for seconds.

And that’s in for day 1!! Thanks so much pamela for taking me around!


I caught up on some much needed ZZZ the night before, so I woke up extremely late… like 11am. Andddddd Joanne finally arrived!

We decided to go myeongdong for the day and spend the day eating and shopping and just being the biggest tourists in general. We caught the subway there which was super easy and quick.

Lunch was at Myeongdong Kyoja, which was super good! They literally only have 4 things on the menu, so don’t go there if you’re not fancying any dumplings.


After lunch we walked around myeongdong to burn off all the calories. I didn’t buy much because everything was all about skincare and i’m not really into that. Majority of the skincare stuff is really cheap too, so it’ll be heaven for those who enjoy it.

I did buy a lot of Corgi merch for my family since we’re all corgi crazy!


After walking majority of Myeongdong, we decided to walk to N Seoul tower to check it out. We were about to buy a ticket for the cable car to go up, but the line to get into the cable car was massive, and the cable car was FILLED with chinese tourist, so we decided to just walk and lucky we did!!

The view is so amazing when you’re walking up, so highly highly recommend skipping the cable car. The walk took about 30 minutes with additional selfies being taken here and there, so it didn’t take long at all. But be prepared because it is a lot of stairs, so if you can’t handle steps, take it slow.. or the cable car.. lol.

Once we reached the top, you can walk around to the love lock areas, or pay for a ticket to the observatory deck which was only 10,000 won. It’s probably best to go at night if you want a really nice night view of seoul, but I prefer day time pictures though. We got the top of N Seoul Tower roughly around 6:15pm and waited till the sunset at 8 and then walked back down. The weather was so perfect, so we got pretty lucky!

By now we were starving, and what better way to have dinner in Myeongdong by having their street food!!! Omg, everything was so good..

My pictures of the food is everywhere, and I honestly can’t be bothered finding them so i’ll upload what I have. I actually haven’t got many.. i was too busy focusing on what to eat next.

THOSE DUMPLINGS THO.. so good. Highly recommend those.

AND THATS IT! Day 1 and 2 dusted! I feel like they went by really fast!! I hope the rest of the trip stays as fun and exciting as these past two days!

Stay tuned for the next daily (lol, kinda) blogs!!!

Cheers, kevin.


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