Packing Tips 1001

So here’s another post where I act like I know things and advise them to the internet. But really, this is just a post to [hopefully] kick start my travel blogging goal.

I am currently at Changi Airport sitting in a shitty transit lounge that I regrettably paid for, so that sucksssss. BUTT I am off to Korea AND taiwan and i’m hoping to blog my experience/days I am there!

Anyway, onto the actual topic of this blog post. Packing Tips – I was originally going to title this blog “travel & packing tips” but it’ll be more of a packing tip because i’m not really a traveller… I’m more of a frequent flyer. The difference? Well I fly often, but only to the same place(s). I’ve yet to actually ‘travel’ to heaps of different cities and countries. But I have been here and there enough to understand the gist of flight travel and packing.


In my personal opinion, when travelling it’s often best to travel as light as possible. This creates less stress and helps avoid hauling around 10kg of luggage that you smuggled onto the 7kg limit of carry-on on aircrafts.

In order to travel as light as I can, I try to pack the essentials and keep everything organised. The key is to pack things that can cover all bases. What that means is, don’t bring a huge puffy jacket to a city that is going to be warm because the ‘way’ there would be cold. Pack a light cardigan, or wear a thin long sleeve shirt.

Second, have all your wires/cords (laptop chargers) tied up with either elastic bands or them metal twig thingys (forgot what they’re called). This will make your bag less messy and it doesn’t ruin the perfectly folded clothing in your bag. Also, GET A PASSPORT/TRAVELLER holder/pouch. It really is so convenient. It holds my passport, boarding tickets, and I even put my foreign money in there. It saves a lot of space and time since when you need to grab them at each and every gate.

Thirdy, bring only what you NEED. For carry-on’s I usually only ever bring my laptop, chargers, power adapters/converters, toothbrush/paste, and sometimes a spare change of clothes. That’s literally it. I’m looking at my bag right now trying to see if there’s anything else but there isn’t.

Unless you’re only travelling with carry-on luggage, then this probably won’t apply to you so you wasted your time reading – but this blog is probably a waste of time reading either way.


Now onto the important component. Not going to lie, I use to struggle with packing for luggage so badly. I would bring so much unnecessary stuff which would fill up my suitcase. But now i’ll share my tips on how I overcame this!

First a foremost, similarly like what I mentioned earlier – pack only what you NEED. If you’re going somewhere for 2 weeks, don’t bring pants for every day of the week. You’re going to fill up your suitcase quick. And trust me, you probably won’t even touch 3/4 of what you bring anyway. So bring clothes that you can re-wear or easily wash!

A very good tip, which is what I always do to find out what I actually need when packing is to envision what my daily routine is like before I walk out my door. For example:

Wake up > brush teeth > contacts > deodorant > clothes (underwear included) > socks > shoes.

I do this for my night routine too,

Shower > brush teeth > glasses > pajamas > death

This helps me determine the essentials that I actually NEED to pack.

Now onto actually packing. When packing it’s often best to maximise as much space as you can. So here is a few things that I’ve learnt from friends + family to maximise space.

1. Roll your clothes
This is honestly a life saver. You probably think rolling your clothes won’t save space, but it does. It gives you more space to work with length wise, but it does increase the diameter of the shape (if that made sense at all). But then with the increased space in length, you have more space to put other things.


This is a pair of jeans that has been rolled up. Look at how much space this has saved.


I can put two on top of each other in this small gap.

2. Vacuum Bags
This is something I recently discovered – big thanks to djJonuts!

Typically when you think of these vacuum seal bags, you’d think you’d have to bring some battery or power operated device that sucks the air out and defeats of the purpose of slimming your packing. Wellll, this cool thing here works manually so you don’t need any machines! You just roll it and the air leaves from a one-way valve so no air can come in! Highly recommend.


I actually took out 3 shirts from that pile because they wouldn’t fit in the bag… but look at the space saved!!!

3. Label your things
You’re probably wondering why is this necessary? It’s good to stay organised. Pack neatly like you’re playing tetris and keep all your wires separate and labelled so you know where’s where and what is what without the need to untangle a forest of cords.


Andddd thats a wrap!
Hope you’ve read to the end…
Anywho, like i briefly mentioned at the top, this post was just a stepping stone to start my blogging for when im in korea + taiwan, SO BE TUNED AND RETURN DAILY FOR SOME actually INTERESTING BLOGS.

Cheers, Kevin.


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